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We specialize in LH-Jetronic Fuel Injection and Mass AirFlow meter (MAF) Repair
Electronik Repair, Inc.

We know Porsche 928s like no other company!  Electronik Repair Inc. is owned and operated by a Porsche enthusiast who owns four 928s.  We're in this business to keep your European automobile on the road for many more years.  We also service MAF meters for Volvo and Saab automobiles.

ERI now services Mass Airflow Meters (MAF).  The MAF must function properly for your Porsche, Saab or Volvo to run well.  As the MAF ages, it falls outside of calibration.  ERI can bring your MAF back into spec!  Diagnostic hint, factory workshop manual tests do not test for calibration.

ERI now rebuilds 1978 to 1987 Porsche 928 Cruise Control modules P/N 928.617.127.00 (VDO 412 203/1/10 ).  We may have a rebuilt unit in stock ... 

ERI LH rebuilds are now compatible with SharkTuner testing and diagnostic tools.

No start condition - don't know why?  Send your LH fuel injection module, EZF or EZK spark module and/or Mass Air Flow meter to Electronik Repair for test. We'll advise how to get your car running again.

ERI rebuilds Electronic Control Units (ECUs) for fuel injection, spark control, climate control, and other automotive functions.  We specialize in the repair of LH-Jetronic fuel injection modules used in Porsche 928, Saab and Volvo automobiles.  Please contact us regarding the repair of modules or MAF meters for other automobiles.  We're located in Mesa, Arizona.

We rebuild modules for all Porsche 928 models*

- US 1980 - 84 Porsche 928 L-Jetronic

- Euro 1st generation 1984 - 1986 Porsche 928 LH 2.2 Jetronic

- US 1st generation 1985 - 1986 Porsche 928 LH 2.2 Jetronic and Worldwide 2nd Generation 1987 - 1995 LH 2.3 Jetronic

 * Rebuildable core required

The most common cause of LH-Jetronic ECU failure for the 2nd LH 2.3 generation 1987 - 1995 LH Jetronic is the hybrid control circuit.  Our hybrid circuit replacement provides substantially improved characteristics such as lower power consumption and most importantly incorporates fail-safe functions that makes it practically impossible for the complete failure of the replacement circuit, and thus reduces ths failure mode of the ECU.  We warrant our 2nd generation rebuilt LH 2.3 modules for three years.

Common symptoms of a failing LH injection module

- (Porsche only) Fuel injection valves click when the ignition turned is on and engine is not running

- Engine will not run at idle

- Air-fuel mixture is too rich (this can damage catalytic converters)

- No fuel pump operation, but the fuel pump operates when its relay is jumpered

- The engine will not rev higher than 3000 RPM

- A/T cars: no idle speed regulation when switching between drive gears and neutral or park

- Engine will not start, spark plugs are dry and the ignition system produces spark.

Common symptom of a failing MAF

- Proper air/fuel ratio cannot be maintained (either too rich or too lean)

- Model year 1984 - 1986 Euro/ROW and US Model year 1995 - 1996 base CO cannot be set

- No start

Common symptom of a failing Cruise Control Module 928 617 127 00 928-617-127-00
- Will accelerate, but will not hold speed
- Sometimes holds speed but drops out
- No action when control arm is pushed to accelerate

Click on the Diagnostics page for detailed "No-Start" trouble shooting tips


Customer Feedback:

I always enjoy hearing from customers. 

Derrick provided an update on his 1987 Porsche 928 following the MAF rebuild.

Sept 28, 2016

The car runs like I just plugged in 100hp. Sooooooo much difference. Better in every way.

Semmes, Alabama

David's 928 is back on the road.

19 January, 2016


Thank you for your excellent work to repair the LH module of my 1987 Porsche 928.  I appreciate how quickly you were able to rebuild the module and return it to me.  The car now runs great.  Thanks again. 

Chapel Hill, NC
'87 928 S4 5-speed

This note from Mike,

March 15, 2015


I cannot thank you enough for the MAF rebuild!  Single best performance increase I have experienced with this car in 10+ years of ownership.  My car is bone stock (intentionally) with a fully refreshed engine bay.  Thought I had it “dialed-in,” but throttle response is NOW, acceleration and consistent power through the gear changes best it’s been  since I can remember.  Could kick myself for what I’ve been missing as the MAF was slowly sliding out of calibration.  You took care of me years ago with the computer module fix, and did not disappoint once again.

Atlanta, GA
'87 928 S4 5 speed, black/linen 

Electronik Repair, Inc. is not affiliated with Porsche AG, Saab, Volvo, or Robert Bosch GmbH.  All brands and marks are property of their respective owners.



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